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10 teaching years have passed

10 teaching years have passed…

I can’t believe I have just finished my 10th year of teaching. If I were to look back in my past 10 years and give advice to myself, here they are…

Advice to myself

10 years later and here is some advice I would give to myself 10 years ago


Be creative – Think how you want to be taught the content you are teaching. Is it taught in a way that would help you learn? Be creative in designing your content.


Build connections with your students – Get to know your students, their home life, and their talents. We often know a lot about the outspoken ones but take the time to get to know everyone. The connections go a long way.  


Parents that show concern are not annoying – These are the parents who are advocating for their child. Having parental support is a positive thing.


It is ok to re-invent – You will hear people tell you not to reinvent the wheel. But it is ok to re-invent, and get some fresh ideas on your content and deliverables. Otherwise your content will become stale.


Don’t just print off worksheets – Don’t just print off and use a worksheet from the internet without first knowing what it is.  Students can tell when things are copied or printed off from the internet as they themselves can search the same thing you did.


Make your deliverables aesthetically pleasing – Students can tell if you have put in the time in making a lesson or deliverable. Add some flare to everything you give to them so that they will rise to the same standards of what was put into the design.


Make it relevant – Every year you will have students with different abilities and interests. Tweak your previous deliverables to cater to the new group.


Travel – Our classroom is undoubtedly diverse. Traveling and seeing other cultures bridges these connections with our students. Traveling also allows us, the teacher, to be more aware and empathetic towards various cultures and backgrounds.


Don’t follow the trend just to fit in- It is ok to question and think critically about different trends in education.


Don’t compromise the integrity of your classroom standards just to get the students to like you – Newer teachers tend to seek the acceptance of their students and sometimes this could lead to one making a course easier, more bonus marks, or diluting the curriculum. Students prefer knowing that they earned a grade through a challenging course than be given a high grade with ease.


Don’t take it personally from students – We are all different as teachers. Some students will like you, and some will not. Don’t take it personally if a student chooses to be in a class with another teacher. It’s not a competition.   


Genuinely encourage each other – Teachers often forget to encourage each other. If you see something neat that another teacher is doing, compliment them, like genuinely and wholeheartedly encourage them. It doesn’t make you less of a teacher when they are doing something great.



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